The village hall is fully accessible to the disabled, with an entrance ramp and a further ramp into the main hall. There are separate gents, ladies, and disabled toilets on the ground floor. The supper room is accessed via stairs which has a Stannah type stair-lift.

Main Hall

The Main Hall is an excellent open space which has proved to lend itself to every conceivable use over time, from Sunday teas to plant sales and discos. There is a serving hatch into the well equipped kitchen which also doubles up as an excellent bar on party nights. The floor is solid wood and varnished which gives a beautiful finish while providing a durable surface, easily kept clean and bare foot friendly.

In 2011 we installed a state-of-the-art sound system. This has a PA system for professional use and an easy-to-use 3 track system through which you can play your own music from your iPod or CD player.

The premises has a capacity of 100 people. If you would like to sell alcohol you must provide your own license, however the local pubs are well equipped to deal with this if running the bar.

Off the main hall is the stage area with full curtains and a lighting system, which has hosted a number of local am-dram productions as well as the annual school plays.

Supper Room

The supper room is ideal for small groups, and is particularly popular with committee meetings. There are 3 tables and a number of chairs available which can be set up as a comfortable meeting room atmosphere. 

There is a sliding partition which also opens up the supper room as a balcony over the main hall. This provides an excellent 'overspill' area for large events, or commonly as a buffet area when a party is hosted in the main hall.


The well equipped kitchen consists of a fridge, electric oven, urn and numerous kettles. This also serves as a storage area for the cups saucer, cutlery and table cloths which are all available for off-site hire at very reasonable rates.